Teaching & Coaching

My ethos is that music is to be enjoyed and my teaching style is encouraging. I want my students and performers to love what they’re doing and to communicate that joy in their music. Over the years, I’ve found that students will work and practice when they know it will bring results and they can enjoy a sense of achievement from their music lessons.

I’m still learning myself and always will be – that’s part of the joy of music that I love to share.

A hesitant young pianist needs support, kindness and understanding. My expectations are high but lessons are always delivered with a smile and with encouragement. Adults who are just finding their singing voices need to learn about their own instruments and how to develop them. My style has evolved as I’ve learnt more about coaching and I think I now combine the two approaches in a way that works for my students.

With commitments in local schools, most of my private lessons are in Shine Music Studio in Appleby on weekday evenings. It is best to contact me about finding a mutually convenient gap in my timetable – I have worked with some of my students for many years but I like a fresh challenge too!


There are various schemes and grants available to young people in Cumbria wanting to develop their musical talents or access great music. The Keldwyth Award is just one (you can find out more are  https://www.keldwyth.org.uk/) and several concert societies offer free or lower priced tickets to young people. I am happy to advise on other opportunities so that music is as accessible to all as possible.